Rustic weddings are all the rage these days–just as Pinterest. But some people who love the rustic look still hold back from pursuing it for their own weddings, because they fear that the event won’t be as “classy” as they want it to be. But a country wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all traces of elegance. In fact, a wedding with a rustic theme can be incredibly elegant, if you know how to do it. Here are 3 simple ways that you can add an extra bit of elegance to a rustic wedding.

Balanced Centerpieces

You can have a rustic wedding without going over the top with your decor. For example, the centerpieces on your tables can provide a nice balance of rustic charm and classic elegance. Start with a nicely cut disc of wood that is sanded to a smooth finish. Add a mason jar that is painted in a muted, matte color or wrapped in lace, and fill it with a combination of wildflowers and roses.

The wood base and mason jar are classic elements of rustic wedding decor. But by painting the jar or wrapping it in lace, you tone down that country feel and add a bit of a classic look to it. And by adding a few timeless roses to your flower arrangements, you’re combining two very different looks for a beautiful finish.

Classy Coasters

Coasters of wood or cork are fairly common at rustic weddings, but those who have more “high-class” tastes might look down their noses at such a thing. That is, unless those coasters are dressed up a bit. By adding the names of the bride and groom, as well as the wedding date, your personalized coasters become a part of the wedding decor. Plus, personalized wedding coasters make a great wedding favor for all of your guests.

Stylish Stemware

Rustic weddings are beautiful, but there comes a point where they can get a bit cliche–and that point usually happens right about the time you’re drinking out of a mason jar. You might think it’s cute and charming, but it doesn’t really scream “classy” to your guests. So if you want to keep an elegant feel to your rustic wedding, opt instead for wineglasses for your guests to drink from. That little touch will go a long way towards upping the class factor at your wedding.

So if a rustic wedding is what you want, don’t hold back! There are plenty of ways that you can make a country wedding truly elegant, while keeping that rustic charm. Try adding some personalized wedding coasters or balancing out your centerpieces, and your guests will surely be admiring your style throughout the evening.